Empowering Success Now Home School Enrichment Program
Fun Friday's With Science

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Bearded Dragons
Leopard Geckos
Sun Conure Bird
Crested Geckos
Veil Chameleon
Jackson Chameleon
California King Snake
Colombian Redtail Snake
Ball Python Snake
African Grey
Red Eye Crocodile
Hyacinth Macaw
 Panther Chameleon
Pastel Ball Python
Corn Snake
Mexican Redknee Tarantula
Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula

Students Explore

This educational class of science will focus on the wild life kingdom of the reptiles! Interesting facts about each animal will be shared throughout the class. Students will participate in setting up the cages to learn the right temperature, humidity, light , air circulation and how they survive in the wild. Students are able to ask questions and get involved and for certian age groups they will get the opportunity to see how the animals are fed and how they eat.
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This area is fully editable and gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about your business, what you do and what sets you apart from the competition.

Sessions Offered

5 Week Session/ $175.00
February 10th - March 10th
Ages 6-7  10am -11am
Ages 8-13  11am - 12pm
Ages 14 - 18  12pm - 1pm

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